We provide a comprehensive service across all areas of costs law and practice. We help our clients achieve the best results by maximising costs recoveries and by ensuring adverse costs liabilities are kept to a minimum.

We advise clients on the various cost options during litigation and this includes:

Prior to and during the lifespan of the litigation:

  • Costs management, including production of budgets and estimates of costs
  • Assisting on interlocutory applications, in particular security for costs applications
  • Costs auditing


  • Advising on Part 36 costs consequences
  • Assisting with submissions on costs following judgment
  • Advising on the quantum of recovery – both claimant/receiving and defendant/paying
  • Conducting detailed assessment proceedings including:

-  Preparing bills of costs
-  Preparing points of dispute or replies
-  Negotiations, including formulation of offers
-  Advocacy at the detailed assessment hearing

Solicitor and client:

  • Advice on retainers, funding arrangements and conditional fee agreements
  • Advising on and conducting bills under the Solicitors Act 1974