The IT department has team members based in 14 offices around the world and operates as a single global support function with responsibility for the provision of IT services and support to users across all Clyde & Co offices.

At the strategic level, we align the services and systems we provide with the firm's overall strategic goals and priorities by working closely with the IT Committee, various Partner groups and all the business support teams. On an everyday level, we are responsible for maintaining the availability and performance of all non-financial systems (Elite) at an acceptable level. We also work with individual Partners, fee earners and support departments to understand and implement cost effective solutions that meet the needs of a particular client, matter or department.

  • The department comprises teams whose members are dedicated to the provision of particular services.
  • Helpdesk and training - provide support directly to users.
  • Technical services - maintain the existing systems and provide technical input into the design and implementation of new ones.
  • Software Development - develop bespoke solutions to meet specific needs of clients.
  • Project management - work with both IT and users to establish the scope and deliverables of new initiatives and then manage their implementation.
  • Governance - are responsible for a range of activities including, security, purchasing and asset management.

Each region has an IT service delivery manager whose responsibility it is to work closely with the regional management boards and Partners to ensure that IT meets the needs of their particular region and to manage on a day to day basis the IT support teams based in their region.