Multi-disciplinary legal team providing dynamic and relevant advice across the retail and consumer sector, with specialists aligned to the industry's requirements, we support international retailers across the breadth of their supply chains– from sourcing materials and goods, managing logistics and operations to supplying customers.

Staying relevant in a continually evolving and highly competitive market means our clients must build longevity into their brands and products and they need lawyers who can work to develop, protect and maintain their business.

Customer demand and satisfaction, whether providing positive consumer shopping experiences in traditional "bricks and mortar" or technologically driven omni-channel sales techniques, is becoming increasingly challenging. However, the operational aspects of running a business remain essential: maintaining oversight of supply, portfolio management, resourcing, corporate governance and regulation issues are becoming increasingly complex, particularly for those operating in the global marketplace. Moreover, when problems arise and product integrity, brand reputation or commercial viability is tested, the stakes are high.

Through our long-standing heritage in international trade, insurance, dispute resolution and property, we have established an enviable global offering, assisting clients (from independents to multinationals) across the full legal requirements of their endeavours. Recognising the fast pace of the industry, we respond quickly and assiduously to the legal needs of participants.

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