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Career Development

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Career success that you control

If you are passionate about driving your career forward, you’re in the right place. In our high-performance environment, you’ll be committed to develop and you’ll be supported in your growth.

We invest in high-quality learning and development opportunities so you can grow your career at a pace which suits you. When you’re ready to accelerate to the next stage, our development programmes will get you there. You’ll be supported day to day by experienced managers and will benefit from mentoring relationships through our global ‘Guider’ platform.

If you’re committed to developing yourself, we’ll make it happen together.

Saud Alsaab

Saud Alsaab


“I began my career at Clyde & Co as an associate and 5 years later I became a partner! That’s the reward and recognition you can receive when you put in the work here. You are surrounded by supportive partners and mentors to provide you with the best professional guidance to progress your career. Plus, Clyde & Co have a healthy environment with fully integrated offices and networks across the world. All of this leads to one result… successful career growth!”

Talent development at Clyde

Your talent knows no boundaries. And we recognise that. That’s why we have developed focused programmes around you and your needs. Whether you are a fee earner or in a business services function, we have courses to help you fulfil your ambitions.

First Step into Management

Tailored to new managers in our business services roles, this programme provides the essential insights you need to build a successful leadership career. It offers peer-to-peer coaching and opportunities to apply practical leadership behaviours to get the most from what you learn.

Associate Development Programme

We have thousands of talented lawyers here. Those with desires to become a senior associate can benefit from this programme, which provides incredible networking opportunities, builds business acumen and delivers complete feedback cycles to maximise your learning and experiences.

Senior Associate Development Programme

As a senior associate, you can influence our growth and success on a significant scale. As such, we prepare you for that with a program that’ll take you to the next level, an insight into strategy development, business case planning, client management and advanced leadership behaviours.

Senior Leadership Programme

Our senior leadership programme recognises high-performing senior lawyers, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to help you make an even more significant contribution to the firm and our industry. You’ll work alongside internal and external experts in people and client leadership, market expertise, financial performance and culture.

Dr. Florian Pötzlberger

Dr. Florian Pötzlberger

Counsel, based in Munich

“GAP was a huge benefit for me both from a personal as well as a professional perspective. I was able to gain insights in a very different legal system and interconnect with US colleagues as well as clients to show them our global offering. Further, I was able to tell our US colleagues about the German practice, the Munich team as well as my personal focus, and I shared my experience with my local office after my return. GAP is a unique opportunity which sets our firm apart from others and I will always recommend it to colleagues.”

Michelle Ho

Michelle Ho

Counsel, based in Hong Kong

“I think GAP is extremely beneficial. Integrating with another office allows one to truly appreciate just how global Clyde & Co is. Unique experiences like this allow you to build relationships with partners and associates who you would otherwise only communicate with through email. I believe you can only truly build a relationship by having in person conversations as often work is built on trust. Overall, I would highly recommend this program to others.”

Hickley Hamman

Hickley Hamman

Legal Director, based in Johannesburg

“I think it is incredibly useful to make face-to-face contact with our colleagues so that we can communicate and collaborate seamlessly. The programme provides a good base from which to do this.”

Hilda Gallego

Hilda Gallego

Associate, based in Madrid

“The programme has been incredibly beneficial to me as an associate in Madrid, as I have seen how cases work in the UK and how this differs to Spain. This has been extremely important to me, as I have now gained direct experience of UK cases, making it easier for me explaining processes to clients. This programme has been valuable not only for this reason, but also because I place great importance on knowing the people I work with, in person.”

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Our Global Learning Platform

MyDevelopment is a platform that delivers continuous learning that keeps pace with your career and beyond. It helps you build your career development framework and offers online and in-person learning opportunities in a range of formats to suit your style. From thought leadership to technology, through to non-law topics – you can build your ideal path and find everything you need to support it.

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Partner insight

Chris Williams, a Partner at Clyde & Co, shares his legal journey to date. Listen to his story and how his experience of applications, rejections and successes have helped him achieve his career goals.

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