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Gina Ludden

Gina Ludden

I started my career in the insurance industry and the company I worked for supported me in completing my professional qualifications whilst working for them. This led me to move in to law as I enjoyed technical marketing for professional services.

Having worked for a smaller law firm and setting up the marketing department I was looking for an opportunity to be part of a larger firm with more career advancement prospects. Joining Clyde & Co provided the opportunity to use the business development skills I had acquired in my previous roles and apply them in a different environment by relocating to the Middle East.

The opportunity to work in the Middle East with one of the most reputable law firms in the region attracted me initially and almost 5 years later I am still here due to the continuous opportunities that Clyde & Co has provided. The ambitious growth strategy of the firm means there is no risk of stagnating in your role.

The nature of the work means I am constantly challenged and developing in my role and I have built up a great network across our global offices and enjoy working with colleagues from all continents.