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Life at Clyde & Co

Utumishi building & Maritime Control Tower, Dar Es Salaam

Our core values & culture

Having a strong culture is more important than ever in helping us achieve our ambitions as a firm and is a key differentiator for both colleagues and clients. Our values are the cornerstones of our culture; the guiding principles originating deep in our DNA which guide the decisions we make, unite us in our endeavours and strengthen our brand.

We are a globally connected team of talented people who act with a firm-first mentality to achieve success.

We aim high and challenge ourselves to deliver unique excellence for our clients, keeping them at the centre of everything we do.

We help each other to be at our best and believe our differences result in greater achievement.

We seek new opportunities, take action and learn as we go, recognising that curiosity drives our development and contributes to growth.

Crafting Our Identity

Work as one: ‘Work as one’ is about collaborating and connecting as one global firm to achieve success for ourselves and for our clients. It’s about acting in the best interests of the firm at large, sharing knowledge, aligning our ways of working and communicating regularly and openly with each other.

Excel with clients: As our clients ultimately decide our success it is essential that this is reflected in our values. 'Excel with clients' is about excelling both for and alongside them, deeply understanding their industries, businesses, pressures and keeping them at the centre of everything we do. It’s also about never being complacent with our skills or our brand, continuing to drive it forward and aiming high in everything we do, whatever role we play.

Celebrate difference: ‘Celebrate difference’ is on the one hand about being a firm that reflects the diverse markets we operate in, that encourages different perspectives, recognising they enhance our decision making, which ultimately generates richer outcomes for ourselves as well as our clients. Achieving diversity is nothing without a culture that is inclusive, welcoming and respectful, which fosters the conditions for everyone to feel confident and that they belong. It’s about caring about each other as individuals, caring about peoples’ wellbeing and being an approachable colleague to everyone, whoever they are.

Act boldly: 'Act boldly' stems from the sense many have that our success has been driven by bold moves at the right time; boldness being a clear part of the DNA of the firm. We know our future success requires the same spirit to be curious, take chances, find opportunities and act upon them.