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Career development

Crown Point Bridge, Leeds

As a firm that strives to continue to grow and improve, we appreciate that as an individual you do too.

We are committed to supporting you by providing bespoke development opportunities. The programmes that we offer include tailored sessions for each department as well as business services wide initiatives.

We want to help you develop knowledge, skills and behaviours not only meet and exceed expectations in your role, but that can be of use to you throughout your career.

We all learn in different ways, our training is delivered using a blended approach of learning methodologies to suit your needs.

• Face-to-Face Training

Our in-house Learning & Development (L&D) team design and deliver the firm's training curriculum. L&D are able to provide ongoing support and opportunities to upskill through various face-to-face training sessions. We also partner with industry leading external providers to ensure our curriculum is delivering best in class development options.

• On-line Training Resources

MyDevelopment, the firm's global Learning Management System, offers a wide variety of L&D and IT Training development resources.  E-learning modules, podcasts, videos and learning guides can be accessed anytime, anywhere – at a time that works for you.

• Mentoring and Feedback

Through various development discussions, whether formal or informal, our focus is to give you the chance to discuss career progression opportunities and to provide honest, developmental feedback. We will encourage you to be open and honest about your needs so that we can ensure you are challenged and developed within your role. Regular informal feedback discussions will enable you to develop the right blend of skills, knowledge and behaviours in real time.

• Team development away days