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Alexandra Teasdale

Alexandra Teasdale

As a civil and commercial litigator, my practise is focussed on defending professionals from various fields, primarily business, construction and insurance. I also represent directors and officers, as well as various professional orders at both the civil and administrative levels. I also defend insurers in cases of disputed insurance coverage.

I chose to join Clyde & Co because of the excellent reputation of its lawyers and the quality of the cases that it handles. Having worked here for several years, I am also able to contribute to the firm’s collegial and supportive atmosphere. The associates and partners are always happy to share their knowledge and experience.

Defending professionals from various fields, I receive a wide variety of cases covering complex issues which allow me to learn even more about other professional practices and fields above and beyond purely legal subjects.

I enjoy working at Clyde & Co. for a variety of reasons, including my colleagues and the friendly work environment that they create, the quality of the files that I deal with and the work–life balance that I am able to attain. We work on major files and have access to the resources of a large firm, yet we enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit of a boutique firm.

I am involved in the firm’s global cyber liability group, which allows us to not only share information on our practices with our colleagues around the world, but also learn from each person’s experiences and from a network of seasoned experts in the subject matter.

Another aspect that sets the Montréal office apart is its diversity, including gender equality among partners and the fact that the majority are women.

Pro bono work is encouraged and recognized at Clyde & Co. In fact, up to 50 hours of pro bono work per year will be recorded in the annual billable hours of lawyers choosing to complete such work.