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Meghan Goodwin

Meghan Goodwin

My favorite class in law school was Civil Procedure - I equated Civil Procedure to the inside box top of a board game, where you looked if you couldn't figure out how the game worked. Here, the procedural rules provide the framework within which an attorney is able to figure out how best to serve their client.
I chose to join Clyde & Co because of its sterling reputation and long-standing focus on the insurance sector. It is the preeminent insurance law firm in the world.

A career in litigation seemed to match well with an interest in civil procedure so I embarked on a trial level clerkship after graduation from law school.  This proved to be an invaluable experience as it gave me an understanding of how the issues and theories that we learned in law school are put into practice on a daily basis through motions, hearings, trials, and mediation. 

After my clerkship ended, I took a position at a small general litigation firm.  I was lucky enough to find a mentor who specialized in insurance coverage work, which was my entrée into the practice that I currently have.  I found the work to be incredibly complex and detail-oriented, but also interesting and nuanced.  Ultimately, I sought out the opportunity to specialize in insurance coverage work, rather than continue in general litigation.

I began working for Daren McNally, the Managing Partner of Clyde's New Jersey office, several years prior to joining Clyde when he hired me to join his insurance coverage practice team at a mid-sized regional firm.  There, I was able to take a "deep dive" into the practice area and build a specialty in counselling and litigating third-party liability claims (both at the primary and excess level) for several large insurance companies, often in the context of long tail claims such as environmental property damage or asbestos bodily injury, as well as bad faith/extra-contractual claims.

I was part of the original group of five attorneys (including Managing Partner Daren McNally and Executive Partner Barbara Almeida) who founded the New Jersey office of Clyde & Co.  This was a great fit for our group, given Clyde's deep sector knowledge in the insurance industry.  We were able to take our practice to a firm with a global footprint that is known the world over for its excellence in insurance law.      

I chose to join Clyde & Co because of its sterling reputation and long-standing focus on the insurance sector.  It is the preeminent insurance law firm in the world.  Moreover, the firm is forward looking and willing to grow with its clients, which is necessary in the ever-changing, fast-paced world we live in.   

I truly enjoy the people that I work with at Clyde.  From support staff to peers to global firm management, I have found open doors and willingness to work together toward a common goal.