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Amy Wiseman

Amy Wiseman

I began my journey with Clyde & Co in 2017, straight after completing my A-Levels. I completed a Paralegal Apprenticeship within the first two years of my employment, in which I gained my Level 3 qualification in legal services.

I then worked as a Paralegal for 12 months, and recently commenced the Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeship.

Working at Clyde & Co has been an excellent opportunity from which I have gained many valuable skills. Working alongside of my studies has provided me a unique opportunity to apply what I have learnt to my role within the workplace which has been excellent for my progression.

Clyde & Co allows 20% of time to be dedicated to studying, and so one day per week I utilise as my study time. It can be intense at times, as the workload is high, however this has taught me other skills such as excellent time management as well as improving my overall organisation skills.

I feel a valued member of my team at Clyde & Co, and when I look back on when I first began in 2017, I can see just how far I have come in terms of both legal knowledge as well as my personal development.