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Articling Program

Our goal is to provide you with a realistic view of what it’s like to be a lawyer and to provide the experiential training required by local law societies. This is achieved through meaningful work assignments, training and development programs, and legal practice observation opportunities.

During your articles, you will gain first-hand experience in dispute resolution and you will have the opportunity to collaborate with lawyers from our different offices across the globe on litigation cases. You will work on a variety of substantive projects for ongoing client matters including legal research, analysis and drafting; and in many cases attending client meetings, witness preparation and court hearings.

What we offer

The balance between experience and early talent creates a dynamic atmosphere that is especially favourable to the personal, professional and legal development of our summer students, articling students and junior lawyers. At Clyde & Co, we encourage group work. Whether among the summer students, articling students, lawyers or partners, the spirit of cooperation is essential within the firm. Each person contributes to the various files in accordance with their individual and professional competencies.

During your articles, you will have a great deal of autonomy, both in the conduct of your mandates and in the management of your work schedule. We have confidence in the abilities of our articling students. Our lawyers and partners’ doors are always open, and they will be pleased to answer your questions and help you progress. In order to ensure your success, Clyde & Co reimburses all tuition fees for your training mandated by the Law Society.

What to expect


We encourage our articling students to work for a summer before their articles in order to familiarize themselves with their future colleagues and perfect their legal experience. Students are called upon, among other things, to conduct legal research, assist in the management of litigation files and prepare conferences.


A mentor is assigned to each articling student during the first weeks of their articles. The mentor’s role is to offer support to the student and assist them in their development within the firm throughout their articles. The mentoring relationship is not limited to the student and chosen mentor. Clyde & Co’s articling students have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of all of the firm’s lawyers and partners.

Getting stuck in

Following your initial training, you will very quickly become immersed in files of various scales. We are convinced that allowing our articling students to begin work from the beginning of their articles in a wide variety of files allows for greater learning and the quicker development of legal reflexes.

Support available

While we encourage autonomy and initiative in the conduct of mandates, the lawyers and partners of the firm are always available to answer the students’ questions and support them throughout their articles.

Your development

Students and lawyers of the firm are invited to participate in training sessions provided by the lawyers and partners, addressing specific legal issues as well as more practical aspect of the legal profession. These training sessions are not mandatory but are highly recommended as they will allow you to perfect your legal training.

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