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Global Virtual Experience Programme

At Clyde & Co, we recognise the challenges that students and graduates can face when trying to access a career in the legal profession. It is our aim to provide an opportunity to understand what a career in law would look like by providing a practical insight into the day-to-day life of a commercial lawyer.

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Your Potential

To make this vision a reality, we have partnered with Forage to provide a globally accessible virtual experience programme that can help anyone, anywhere explore, develop, and attain a career in law.

This modular virtual experience will provide practical skills and confidence to all of the candidates that complete it. Through a series of simulated tasks designed directly by our global team of Clyde & Co lawyers, based on their own experiences in the firm.

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Candidates who completed one of our virtual work experience programmes were 4.4x more likely to receive an offer for our Vacation Scheme than those who didn't.


Commercial law programme

Explore the role of a junior Clyde & Co lawyer in our market-leading Projects and Construction practice, Cyber Insurance team and Pro Bono practice in a global law firm.

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Task one: Review comments on a building contract

Understand key terms in a building contract for a commercial real estate developer and understand how law firms can assist commercial real estate developers in negotiations.

Task two: Draft a deed of variation

You'll learn the structure of contractual relationships in a real estate development project and how financial considerations can impact contractual terms.

Task three: Pursue a claim against a subcontractor

Develop skills in legal analysis to assess potential courses of action for the client, considering factors like liability, moral responsibility, and available resources.

Task four: Presentation

You'll prepare a PowerPoint presentation on governing law clauses, jurisdiction clauses, enforcement and litigation versus arbitration, and be prepared to answer questions on these.

Task five: Assess IP law implications

You'll be developing a process for assessing the IP and copyright law implications of using data from different data sources in an AI process.

Task six: Develop a contractual clause

Inspired by the Chancery Lane Project's climate hackathon, brainstorm ideas for a contractual clause that can help fight climate change and present the outline of your model clause.


Learn how to talk about this virtual experience in interviews and receive a summary ready for your CV.

Our programme will allow you to

Experience a day in the life of a junior Clyde & Co lawyer

Increase your industry knowledge and upskill by discovering our different practice areas.

Add the work experience programme to your CV

Access exclusive insights into the firm

Stand out in your application

Law and professional development programme

During this programme, you will get the opportunity to step into the shoes of a Clyde & Co team member and complete tasks that replicate the work that our legal team does every day. You’ll learn how to amend and review legal drafts across Clyde & Co departments after preparing for the application process of our vacation scheme assessment centre.

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Task one: Test your knowledge

Test your knowledge of becoming a lawyer and your understanding of Clyde & Co.

Task two: Vacation scheme application

Learn how you can tailor and adapt your CV to put your best foot forward in an application for a vacation scheme role.

Task three: Commercial case study

Learn what a commercial case study exercise for a vacation scheme interview would look like and to put your best foot forward for the interview.

Task four: Review a contract

Learn how employment contracts are typically structured and how to review clauses of an employment contract to respond to questions from a client.

Task five: Draft a finance document

Review a loan term sheet and prepare a first draft of a fee letter. You'll learn how fee letters help clients understand the fees to be charged for the work they have requested.


Learn how to talk about this virtual experience in interviews and receive a summary ready for your CV.

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