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Diversity & Inclusion

A place to belong

"Celebrating difference" is one of our core values. To us, promoting and sustaining a more inclusive and diverse workplace is essential to how we operate. We believe our differences result in a greater achievement. And there is always work to do. We are always striving to increase representation of people from underrepresented communities at all levels. 

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How we drive inclusion

As part of our commitment to inclusion, we are continuously evaluating the way in which we work and introducing new initiatives to support an inclusive working environment whilst raising awareness. Examples of this are:

  • A reverse mentoring programme, offering colleagues the opportunity to learn from each other’s lived experiences.
  • Our Global Workplace Adjustments Policy, enabling all colleagues to fully participate and contribute to the Firm’s success.
  • Our Global Family Leave Policy, offering a gender neutral and extensive parental leave.
  • Our Legal Insight for Future Talent programme, aimed at providing invaluable insight and professional development within the legal sector.

Our people make it happen

Hear stories and experiences from the people who have made success happen, how they did it and what support they got.

David Milton

David Milton

Partner and EnAble Member

“I am the Bristol office representative for the EnAble network which is a core part of Clyde & Co's commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. I also have Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis which affects my mobility and other aspects of my life. The purpose of our network is to provide support and guidance and to raise awareness of disability and neurodiversity within the workplace. We highlight the benefits of having a diverse, safe and accessible working environment. Neurodiversity is also very close to my heart as my daughter has Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I am greatly helped by the opportunity to regularly catch up with and learn from other colleagues across the firm impacted by disability and neurodiversity. It is a very positive and safe network and anyone is welcome to join.”

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George Grammer-Taylor

Trainee Solicitor and Pryde & Co Member

“We're very fortunate at Clyde & Co to have a people-first approach. But mostly to have people who are different, we've got a very diverse workforce. So, when you jump into a new team, it doesn't feel like you have nothing to say, you're actively brought into the conversation. What really fuels that, is leaders who incorporate and encompass those from different backgrounds and different intersectional identities.”

The Mansfield Rule

Our US and UK offices work closely with the Diversity Lab to integrate the Mansfield Rule, ensuring firms reach a critical point of representation at more senior levels to tackle bias. It establishes an ambition to consider at least 30% women, underrepresented racial and ethnic lawyers, LGBTQIA+ lawyers and lawyers with disabilities for its leadership and governance positions, partner promotions, client pitch opportunities and senior lateral positions. Alongside achieving certification in both countries, we’re working hard to improve and maintain the high standards we’ve set.

Clyde & Co US Mansfield Rule Certification 5.0

Clyde & Co UK Mansfield Rule Certification Plus 2.0

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