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Life at Clyde

Here, you’re in good company

We’re made up of over 5,500 individuals who come together to bring out the best in each other. Sharing knowledge and collaborating is how we develop a deeper understanding of each other and our work – which sets us apart from our competitors. And we pass this on to our clients. We put them at the centre of what we do. All of this empowers us to maximise opportunities and lead innovation for the sectors we serve.

We invest in strong relationships. It’s why people stay with us. We work in teams with high levels of trust, support and respect. In a culture that promotes collaboration and connection, where everyone is heard and can belong. Switched-on and conscientious, with genuine care for our work and each other – we bring out the best in each other to deliver outstanding outcomes.

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We practise more than law

Our people are brilliant. When they are connected they are outstanding. We don’t have layers and layers of organisational barriers. Nor do we have strict time-served progression protocols. We subscribe to success. And how that looks is driven by you. Because we give you the autonomy and flexibility to define the outcome of your development subsequent career path. Everyone here is accessible. That means the next person you talk to, could be the one to open the door to something totally beyond your original aspirations.

Our people make it happen

Hear stories and experiences from the people who have made success happen, how they did it, and what support they got.

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Laura Coates


“Clyde & Co gives you the flexibility to progress at a time that’s right for you. You’re not held back by red tape. Being quite ambitious, a lot of the opportunities I’ve had are from my own hard work, but also the outcome of the processes that the firm put in place to support people. I’ve always felt supported.”

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Kahema Mugili

Junior Associate

“Since I got here, coming from a university outside of the Russell Group, I’ve been involved in the Africa Business Development Group, joined our ACED (Achieving Cultural and Ethnic Diversity) Network, as well as starting an organisation to improve access for pupils of lower socioeconomic standing.”

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Kelly Brotherhood

Senior Associate

“The ethos is inclusive and welcoming. Nothing is too big or too small for anyone to help you with. We have a lot of social events so people can speak outside of work. You’re included from the top down so that you’re learning all the time.”

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George Grammer-Taylor

Trainee Solicitor

“We are encouraged to say yes to opportunities. I feel like I’m 10-15 steps ahead of where I thought I’d be. I’ve come to Clyde & Co as authentically me and I feel I can go to people with ideas. I come to work every day and enjoy every second.”

Diversity, sustainability & social impact

Our firm is a vibrant place. Our ability to support client success and provide long-lasting and inspirational careers comes from multiple factors.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & inclusion is incredibly important to us. We’re always investing in diversity and embracing inclusivity. It’s what makes Clyde & Co feel like a place where you can belong. Opportunities to thrive, for everyone.

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Environmental Sustainability & Biodiversity

By 2030, we aim to halve our emissions. By 2040, we’ve committed to becoming net zero. As a law firm, we’re taking the lead in advancing the agenda on environmental sustainability and biodiversity.

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Pro Bono & Social Impact

We support pro bono activity and believe in making an impact beyond law with our charitable partnerships and fundraising activity.

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Want to know more?

Get the latest insight, updates and stories from our people from our blog page.

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Clyde & Co launches LIFT: Legal Insight for Future Talent

We have today announced the launch of the outreach initiative LIFT (Legal Insight for Future Talent), designed to provide fair access to insight into the legal sector, with a focus on advancing social mobility and underrepresented groups.

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Clyde & Co's Chris Murray raises £3,855 for charity after swimming from Spain to Morocco

Clyde & Co partner, Chris Murray, has raised more than £3,800 for charity after swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar, a perilous 15km journey between Spain and Morocco. As an avid swimmer, Chris, 52, is no stranger to taking on extreme…

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Clyde & Co launches significantly enhanced global parental leave policy

Global law firm Clyde & Co has today announced a new globally-consistent parental leave offering available to all employees and partners across the firm with 12 months’ service. At its core, the offering includes access to 26 weeks fully paid.

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